chant the interinclusion daily

some mystics have taken on the practice of chanting the name of each day’s interinclusion 112 times. for instance, on the first day, they chant chesed she b’chesed 112 times; on the second day they chant gevurah she b’chesed 112 times, etc.

the number 112 corresponds to the repetitions and directions used by the Cohanim for the waving of the Omer. 

the interinclusion is chanted 18 times (chai, of course) in each of the 6 directions–think of the shaking of the lulav and you get the idea. those chantings add up to 108.

the chanting concludes with 4 slow repetitions of the interinclusion while meditating on the 4 letters of G’d’s name. these last 4 are a sort of thinking into the ‘inward depths’ of the Holy One.

and some have taken to setting up strings of beads: large beads for each of the 6 directions in between are the small beads for each of the repetitions in that direction.  the last 4 chantings are done without beads at all.

so all of you jubus take note: it just so happens that tibetan buddhists use malas of 108 beads…..holy rosary, batman!


so, what do you think?

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